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Children Coverage Detail

Year Female Male Total
2009-10 28 21 49
2010-11 115 96 211
2011-12 50 156 206
2012-13 150 231 381
2013-14 108  181 289
2014-15 99 127 226

Child care

Makkala Mitra, Open Centre – I, II (A friend for Child)

Makkala Mitra are two open centres welcoming every day 25 to 35 school dropouts, child workers, rag-pickers and other children in need. Since January 2012, the centres are open 24h/24 to provide care and protection at any time to any child. The Women and Child Welfare Department of Government of India are supporting this project.

In these open centres, the children can come whenever they want to have access to all the basic facilities (food, water, healthcare, accommodation). We offer them a safe environment to play, enjoy their childhood and rebuilt their lives. A counsellor, a care-taker, a teacher and field workers are looking after the children there.

After a three-month follow-up, we motivate them to start learning activities to bridge the education gap. After 12-15 months, these children will be enrolled to neighbouring government schools to get a formal education. In the meanwhile, children will either reintegrate with their families, either register in government or private childcare institutions.

Every year, 80 to 90 children get an access to one of these centres. All the information about the children is given to the Child Welfare Committee.

    Throughout the year we conduct various programs for all the children:
  • We classify the children according to age, knowledge, interest, etc.
  • We introduce various teaching methods like child to child tutoring, using charts, using cards, games, CD Shows, building up a cultural group, etc.
  • We welcome national and international volunteers to teach English and other skills to the children
  • We organize various competitions and Theme-based story telling classes and celebrate festivals
  • We involve children in art and craft by making teaching materials
  • We insure their healthcare by regular check-ups in the nearby Government Hospital

Centres of Activity:
- Makkala Mitra I, Below Ammanikere Sulibele Road, Hosakote, Bangalore.

- Makkala Mitra II, Hosakerehalli Main road, Near Ashwini School, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore