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Children Coverage Detail

Year Female Male Total
2009-10 28 21 49
2010-11 115 96 211
2011-12 50 156 206
2012-13 150 231 381
2013-14 108  181 289
2014-15 99 127 226

Child care

Mobile creches

Large numbers of people have migrated to Bangalore in search of jobs; many of them come to work on a very low daily wages in construction sites. The workers came with their families and their children who became working children or street children deprived of basic education. By considering these factors, there is an urgent need and necessary interventions from voluntary organizations and right minded volunteers to tackle this issue.

This burning issue should be focused on childcare, prevention from abuses, protection from dangers, educational rehabilitation and mainstreaming of the dropouts, working and street children through various interventions.

Sparsha Trust is collaborating with Mobile Crèches India to settle a group of mobile crèches in Bangalore. We ensure childcare – health, nutrition, early learning and care – for 0 to 14 year old children. It is a partnership between real estate developers and contractors, other local communities and the government. The main goals are to create awareness around child related issues, mobilize a common voice around childcare and enable young families to adopt best childcare practices.

    The children are divided in three different groups according to their age:

  • For 0 to 3 year old children: provide care, medical assistance, balanced and nutritional food, playful environment
  • For  3 to 6 year old children: in addition to these, offer them learning activities through playful activities
  • For 6 to 14 year old children: in addition to these, give to children a non-formal education and bridge their education gap to enrol them to school