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Children Coverage Detail

Year Female Male Total
2009-10 28 21 49
2010-11 115 96 211
2011-12 50 156 206
2012-13 150 231 381
2013-14 108  181 289
2014-15 99 127 226

Child development

Gnana Mitra – a child friendly library

Sparsha Trust collaborated with ILP to initiate Gnana Mitra, a library aimed to provide an unrestricted access to information to the children who are living in Sparsha’s centres and the children from the community. Information is available in many formats (books, newspapers, dictionaries, etc.) and from many sources. In that library learning is about joy, educational enlightenment and welfare of the children.

In Gnana Mitra, children can also participate in various activities, such as art, painting, crafts, CDs based learning, computing, etc.

To run these libraries, librarians and volunteers are committed to assist the children to develop their reading skills and experts at finding and organizing information and at interpreting information needs.

    Sparsha Trust has also initiated mobile libraries, supporting the neighbouring government schools, in order to help teachers to have access to books which increase children’s interest in subjects. Another goal is to convince government agencies about the need for good libraries in government schools. This initiative helped the 3 following government schools:
  • Government Higher primary school, Chenahalli, Bangalore
  • Government primary school, Kuduregere, Bangalore
  • Government Model higher primary school, Sanjivininagar, Bangalore

Through these libraries, Sparsha Trust has set up programs in order to promote reading habit, understanding and to encourage community participation. These programs are:

  • Make a library colourful: to make the library more attractive and motivate the children, Sparsha Librarians made it very colourful by placing different information charts, colourful wall hangings, banners and children’s drawings or creative writing pieces. They are often changing the display to make every child happy to see his or her piece displayed.
  • Odhu Mitra Odhu (Help your friend to read): program initiated at Bynahalli and Sanjivininagar community libraries. Children who were library members involved the other community children in library activities, showed them how to use the library and also helped them to read and understand the books. They organized regular book reading activity: each child reads a book during the day and then share briefly its content with the other members.
  • Makkala Milana program (All gathering together): an event during which the children of Sparsha interact with children of international schools like Nagarjuna School, Delhi Public School, Mulya Adithi International School. This event directly increases the hunger of all the children to learn more.
  • Kalam’s team: it is a mentor team for other deprived children, based on the idea that “if we have a big dream we can reach it in any situation” or “Nothing is impossible”. The group was initiated in 2012 with 30 children from Gnana Mitra.  The team was selected according to a precise knowledge: know 1000 English words and the Multiplication Table up to 50, be ready to debate on 50 Topics, know how to use MS-Office in computer, be able to perform 10 experiments in Science, be fluent in English, have a good knowledge in science and computing.
  • English conversations: interactions and discussions between students and volunteers in an English-friendly environment to help the children to be comfortable with spoken English.

Centres of Activity:
- Gnana Mitra Library, Bynalli community hall, Chikkajala (post), Bangalore
- Gnana Mitra Library, Govt model primary school (Old build.) Sanjivininagar, Sahakarnagar post, Bangalore-92
- There are three mobile libraries which function from the above two central libraries.