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Children Coverage Detail

Year Female Male Total
2009-10 28 21 49
2010-11 115 96 211
2011-12 50 156 206
2012-13 150 231 381
2013-14 108  181 289
2014-15 99 127 226

Child development

Our Creativity

Creativity has always been one of the mainstays of Sparsha work with the children. For many children, performances are a way to express themselves and to gain self-confidence. Our work in this field covers a variety of disciplines, including street plays, handicraft, folk dance, documentary videos, short movies, ad concept, etc. Over the years, Sparsha Trust has built up a well-grounded reputation in terms of the quality and commitment in creativity. Boys and girls of the centres learn folk dance and music from famous artists and play a significant role in developing or adapting the script, designing costumes, etc.

  • Kamsale Dance and Veera Gase
  • In Shivaji Nagar, in the Chinnara Thangudhama centre, the children are performing Kamsale dance and Veera Gase very professionally. For the last 3 years, they have performed this dance enthusiastically in more than 60 to 70 events for Government and private companies.

    Kamsale is a famous folk dance of Karnataka. It is named after the instrument held in the hands of the dancer. The instrument is composed of a cymbal held in one hand and a bronze disc in the other. The main element is the rhythmic clang, which blends with the melodious music of the Mahadeeshvara epic. The instruments, in the course of the vigorous rhythmic beatings, are moved around the body of the dancer in innumerable patterns manifesting both skill and art. In a group movement, the dancer provides the vision of a series of offensive and defensive manoeuvres.

    Veera Gase is a dance form prevalent in the state of Karnataka. It is a vigorous dance based on Hindu mythology and involves very intense energy-sapping dance movements. Veera Gase is one of the dances demonstrated in the Dasara procession held in Mysore. This dance is performed during festivals and mainly in the Hindu months of Shravana and Karthika.

  • Dollu Kunitha
  • In Nisarga Grama, girls learn how to perform Dollu Kunitha. It is a famous folk dance of Karnataka, a popular drum dance, generally performed by men, but our girls are energetically doing their best.

    In the Dollu Kunitha dance, large drums are adorned with coloured clothes and hang around the necks of the dancers. The songs used in this dance usually have folk and battle fervour. The main emphasis is on quick and light movements of the feet and the legs.

  • Handicraft
  • Apart from the dances, the children are making handicraft items such as earrings, flowers, diyas using paper quilling, artificial jewellery, mehendi, boutique design, paper bags, etc.

    Every year, during the summer and the winter holidays, children are engaged in art and craft activities. The products they make are sold in companies, institutions and residences like Kennameta, AXA Business Solutions, Walmart, Infinite Computer Solutions, Intava, Actuant India, Mallya Aditi, Bearys Lakeside Habitat, Canadian International School, etc. Sales are also done during the other Sparsha’s events. 200,000 rupees per year are earned through this activity.

  • Documentary Video, short movies, Ad concept
  • Our children receive a basic knowledge in various creative fields, such as concept preparing, film making, script writing, editing, camera handling, etc. We are glad to be supported by the AYV; they enable the children to make their own documentary movies about Sparsha Trust.