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What's latest news

  • “Sparsha Trust Shri Bhakthavatsala Kala Shale”:

    We the team of Sparsha Trust take this opportunity to share that we are very happy to start a Music center to our shelter children in the name of our supporter

  • Sports for Sanjivininagar ModelGovernment school & Sparsha Trust Shelter Children:
    On 14th July 2013 Sunday a Sports event was held for children of Sanjivininagar Government school children ,M.D.L.C. Children and Sparsha

  • "Nanenu Hellali” program:

    Sparsha trust have initiated a Multi Dimensional Learning center for the government school children from 5th std to 2nd PUC. at MDLC we have computer training, spoken english , personality development training and curriculum


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

THere you can find a list of frequently asked questions about Sparsha Trust Child Sponsorship program. For any other queries or further information about child sponsorship, please contact us (

  • What is the background of the children who need sponsoring?
    Children who take part in Sparsha Trust Child Sponsorship program are mostly coming from single-parented families, poor backgrounds, used to live and work in the streets. Some of them were drug-addicted, involved in begging or rag picking.Many children come to urban centers because of various reasons like troubled childhood, conflicts at home etc. They all fell prey to anti-social elements that take advantage of their sensitive age and difficult situation, factors that deviatechildren from the mainstream. They got into bad habits and addictions, many of these children turned anti-socials themselves. Staying in one of the Sparsha Trust centers enables those children to have a chance for normal life and gives them an opportunity to go to school and get proper education. You can find out more about children and our centers in Our Services.
  • How does the child benefit?
    Thanks to your contribution a sponsored child receives the basic child rights. Every month, using your money we can provide children with food, accommodation, medical care, protection, education, etc. Being away from the street life and having the opportunity to go to school are one of the most crucial benefits.
  • What will I receive?

    As a Sponsor you will receive a regular quarterly (every 3 months) up-date including information about sponsored child, child’s school successes, pictures etc. You will have the possibility to meet with your child, prepare some activity for all of the children in the centre. Last but not least you will feel that you help somebody who is in need and that your help is making a difference.

  • How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
    After analyzing all costs generated by every shelter, we came up with an exact amount of money that is spent for one child every month. The sponsorship fee is 1500 rupees per month.
  • How do you use the sponsorship amount?
    Donations are spent on providing food and safe water, protection, shelter, education, school materials, medical care and many more projects that benefit all the children living in Sparsha Trust shelters. Below you can find a chart representing the usage of money. In case of further question we can present more detailed information.
  • Do the sponsored children correspond with their Sponsors?
    No communication between children and their Sponsor is mandatory; however we encourage every Sponsor to keep in touch with sponsored child. We believe that such contact may have a good impact on child’s life. The correspondence between a child and a Sponsor will be held through Sparsha Trust office.
  • Will the child come to know that I am sponsoring her/ him?
    Yes, children will get a chance to know about their sponsors. We believe that it may become one of the motivation factors for them to make their best at school and behave well in the centre. Additionally, as mentioned before, we are deeply convinced that remaining the contact between sponsors and children may have a positive impact on children’s progress.
  • Can I send gift/extra-money to my sponsored children? Can I also send gifts for other children of my sponsored child's class/school?
    In accordance with program rules we discourage you from giving gifts and money to the child you sponsor. It may improperly raise their expectations or cause the disappointment in other children. However, if you really want to do something special, we strongly encourage spending the time with children.Of course we are ready to discuss any of you ideas/proposals. Please, take note that if you decide to donate additional amount of money (apart from your sponsorship fee) we will use it for all of our children.
  • Can a child be visited at school/ or in the centre?
    Yes, we agree on visiting children at school or in the centers (in a presence of Sparsha Trust responsible person) with the prior permission from Sparsha Trust.
  • Can the child be taken to sponsors home?
    Taking into consideration our previous experience we decided not to allow Sponsors to invite children to their houses. It may provoke difficult problems; make a child’s behavior more distant towards the other children or improperly raise their expectations on the Sponsor. Please, take into account that these children are really sensitive so every action that we undertake should be very thoughtful. However we are ready to discuss any of you ideas/proposals
  • What happens if I have to stop sponsoring a child?
    In such case, Sparsha Trust tries to find a sponsorship replacement and at the same time continues with taking care of this child in a best possible way. We would be also very thankful, if you could recommend any potential Sponsor among your family or friends.
  • What happens if the child sponsored by me is ready to go home?
    We believe that the best place for every child is their home, so if only the family conditions are good enough, we place child back at home. In such case, we assure to inform the Sponsor and propose a new child to continue the sponsorship.
  • What are the other ways to support Sparsha Trust?
    There are different ways to support children in Sparsha Trust:
    • Become a volunteer. You can involve yourself in a voluntary work in one of our centers by taking care of the children, preparing classes or activities for them. You can also work as a volunteer in our office, helping to improve Sparsha Trust organization.
    • Help us to improve our centers. You can support our children by providing food, basic-use products, school supplies, clothes, etc.
    • Donate. If you cannot support us regularly, you can donate any amount of money at the most convenient time. Simply click ‘Donate now’ on the main page of our website or contact us to get more details.