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  • Dear Gopi and Sparsha team,Greetings from CRY,

    We firstly congratulate you for the good news and the good work you are doing for child rights in Bangalore,As fresh college student you started with SAFE & Paraspara – with your commitment, hard work and dedication Sparsha has grown to be a reputed organization for child rights in Bangalore,

    Congratulations to you and the team and Sparsha,Best Wishes for Nisarga Grama,

    Mr.Praveen Shivashankar CRY
  • Gopi and Sparsha team.

    Your dedication, commitment and never say die attitude is truly inspiring. Wish you all the success for the event and hope you are able to raise the necessary funds and the corpus for Nisarga dhama.

    Best Regards

    Mrs. Sindu Naiyak.RIM India
  • Dear Gopi and Team

    We Congratulate you on the success of Sparsha in its reach to children in need of care, protection and education, and sincerely wish you in reaching your Mission of NISARGA GRAMA a facility for children that provides a home away from home, the right ambiance for growth and where they can enjoy their childhood.

    I sincerely wish that Sparsh succeeds in establishing a model of this place to showcase how a child sensitive environment in an institution should be , but however only a transitory center that works towards a de-institutionalized approach.

    Best wishes

  • Dear Gopi

    ,I do appreciate your quick growth and your network with like minded people and also with government. May yoru dream come true. As I always say " children need parents and home. Wherever possible they must live with parents. If such a possibility is not there then help like Nisagadhama comes in"

    All the best again.

    Mr.Victor Tauro.ILP Bangalore
  • Dear Gopi and Team Sparsha:

    Congratulations to you for taking up Nisarga Grama initiative so effectively and now trying to raise funds as well. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

    As Suchitra Rao has rightly mentioned, we are very hopeful and expecting a home which will ensure real protection and home away from home for those needy, disadvantaged children. Regards

    All the best again.

    A.L. Rangarajan
    Program Manager (Strategy)
    India literacy Project (ILP)
  • Dear Gopi and Team Sparsha:

    "​ I am extremely happy to see your picture and the Sparsha logo. My happiness is not based on what is written because I cannot read Kannada.My happiness is based on the fact that Spardha has such a dedicated leader who is a doer.God bless you.​"


    Maya Rathnam​, Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore West
  • Dear Gopi and Team Sparsha:

    It was such a great experience for us to meet you and Mrs Roopa at Ritz. It was immense pleasure for myself and Minu to knowing about Sparsh and the hard work and effort you all putting towards a common goal.

    It’s because of your help that poor people get support and courage to lead a normal life. I and Minu would love to be a part of Sparsh and would help the foundation in the similar kind of work and support wholeheartedly.


    Omkar & Minu
  • Dear Gopi and Team Sparsha:

    "I met Gopi nearly 5 years ago. His infectious smile, persistence and "can do" spirit got me curious enough to investigate the possibility of sponsoring/supporting Sparsha. Once I visited Makaldhaama and I spent time with the children, my heart and soul were both convinced that I needed to be a part of this NGO. Further, the transparency of Sparsha and the fact that the entire benefit goes to children with minimal administrative costs has driven me to bring in others to support it. All the best to the Sparsha team in making Nisarga Grama a reality very soon!"


    Varun Vijay Rao Managing Director Actuant India
  • Dear Gopi and Team Sparsha:

    The reason I support Sparsha is, I can see how effectively the funds I provide are utilised, seeing those happy kids, I feel it's worth supporting Sparsha.


    Mr.Suresh Babu
  • Dear Gopi and Team Sparsha:

    “We arrived in Bangalore on an ExPat Assignment just over a year ago. We always intended to become involved with a Charitable Trust during our three year stay in India. We were delighted to discover that our company, Kennametal was already actively involved with Sparsha. We thoroughly enjoy working with the children, the helpers and committee members. We want to make a difference and with Sparsha we know we will”


    Andrew Tanner Director and Head of Engineering Kennametal